Worker’s Compensation

As advocates for quality healthcare, Pain Specialists of Charleston is proud to offer Neurology treatment to our Workers Compensation patients through Neurology Specialists of Charleston.

Led by Dr. Stickler, our practice treats a variety of workplace injuries including (but not limited to:)

Priority scheduling available for all Workers Compensation patients!  Call 843-410-0924 to schedule!

As part of our Worker’s Compensation programs, our care team will treat your employee or client from the injury onset to discharge.  Our board certified physicians provide excellent medical care to the injured worker and our dedicated WC Staff ensure that all parties – ranging from the patient, to employer, legal team and insurance carriers – are apprised of the patient’s treatment plan, progress and status.

**NOTE – Neurology Specialists of Charleston functions as their own private practice and WC patients do NOT need to be patients of Pain Specialists of Charleston to be treated by our Neurology clinic**