With the warm weather months upon us, many people in the lowcountry will be headed outside for activities.  One thing a lot of people here in the Charleston area enjoy is riding their bike. Whether you are weaving in and out of the cobblestone streets downtown or heading out to Sullivan’s Island for a beach day, you need to remember one thing- safety. In previous years South Carolina’s bicycle injury statistics have been much higher than the national average and most accidents lead to brain injury. In order to stay safe bicycling this summer, follow these simple tips!

-Wear a helmet and knee and elbow gear

-Make a complete stop before riding into traffic from a driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot

-Look left, right and left again to check for oncoming traffic

-Ride on the far right of the road, with traffic

-Look back and yield to traffic coming from behind before turning left

-Wear bright colors, especially at night

-Use hand signals to signal turns and stops